If you are planning a new hospital, or if your hospital is under construction or rennovation, plan it according to NABH compliances !

NABH compliances, Insurance compliances, Govt scheme compliances, Fire safety compliances, National building code, MEP and more…

A smart hospital is the one which takes care of NABH infrastructure compliances, according to main NABH standards, even though the hospital is going for entry level NABH. This makes you safe, as in the future if you have to go for Main NABH, you are all set with the infrastructure compliances.

Following NAH compliances does not mean extra expenses. Hiring right NABH expert can get it done for negligible incremental cost.

We specialize in providing practical solutions and alternate approach to various compliance. Unlike amateurs, who have a copy paste mentality, we have in-depth understanding of compliance, and provide a customized cost effective solution.

We are probably the only company in Gujarat, with 40+ projects of 360 NABH planning. We can help you with faster turn around of project, and substantial cost savings.

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