Entry Level NABH is compulsory for cashless

Most government Schemes provide better rates for the hospitals having Entry Level NABH. Medigence provides effective and practical solutions for Entry Level NABH compliances. Although infrastructure compliances are exluded, Entry Level NABH is to be taken seriously as only an experienced NABH expert having faced at least 20 successful assessments can understand assessors’ perspective and can solve non compliances properly. Click following link to visit IRDA notification : https://www.nabh.co/announcement/irda.pdf

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Unlike previous Entry Level NABH, HOPE has two assessments. Hospitals have to go through a desktop assessment first, and then after a successful desktop assessment, hospitals can ask for a physical assessment date. HOPE is directly managed by QCI (Quality Council of India). Medigence is the only NABH consulting company in Gujarat, with largest number of successful applications in HOPE, and having assisted few of the first 10 hospitals in achieving NABH certification through hope.