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We are one of the largest NABH consultant company in India, with enough resources to manage more than 500 hospitals. We have strong work ethic, positive attitude, & sincere approach towards quality. Also polite courteous, and highly approachable staff. Practical and cost effective solutions to compliance. Click on links below to know more about your relevant quality accreditation.

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45+ Hospital Planning & Design Projects

Form follows Function – follows Strategy – follows Vision

We are in the business of creating exceptional patient experience, and sustainable hospitals. At Medigence, you get a convergence of 360 degree patient experience, various compliance, green building concepts, modern architectural and interior concepts, and persistence to create something unique, beautiful and efficient. What you need is our evidenced based design and planning, with our unique value creation model.

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360 Degree Patient Experience

Great patient experience is the secret recipe of successful hospitals

Medigence provides a comprehensive 360 degree patient experience program. This includes patient experience audit, patient experience strategy, patient experience road map, staff and leadership training, and continuous patient experience improvement program.

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Allopathy Vs Ayurveda, a reality check ?

We strongly condemn Baba Ramdev's insulting statement for Allopathy & medical science What world needs right now, is a great combination of both

Can ICU fires be prevented ?

Can ICU fires be prevented ? ICU planning for fire safety : More you sweat behind planning, less you bleed during a disaster.

Workplace Assessment for Safety & Hygiene

Workplace Assessment for Safety & Hygiene (WASH), a scheme by the Quality Council of India has been developed to help any organization

Geared up for NABH fifth edition

From 1st July, all new applications for full NABH accreditation, for Hospitals more than 50 beds will be accepted under new fifth edition. At Medigence we are well

Why NABH is so important for hospitals now!

Why getting NABH accreditation now, is important for hospitals ? You get 15% extra, on all government scheme packages Do you know that because

Hospital Planning & Designing process – Elements often ignored…

Usually when some one thinks about hospital planning & designing, the first image that comes to the mind is this ... Hospital

Contribution towards humanity

Our contribution to great humanitarian work done by SEWA RURAL, in the form of donation. We feel humble to get an opportunity to contribute to "SEWA RURAL"

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