We strongly condemn Baba Ramdev’s insulting statement for Allopathy & medical science

What world needs right now, is a great combination of both sciences ( Allopathy & Ayurveda), working together, & complementing each other in the best possible way

For decades India has seen Allopathy & Ayurveda respect each other and has never denigrated each other. Recently one man has stirred up a controversy, because of which we are seeing spiteful posts, posted on social media, by both intellectual classes, which is a matter of concern.

Before this rift takes a worse form, we need to do a reality check.

All of those practicing Ayurveda, has one or the other time relied on Allopathy / Surgery / Medical science, for themselves or for their family members.

We have seen a large number of Allopathy doctors and their family members, following Ayurvedic medicines and practicing naturopathy & yoga, on daily basis, to stay healthy.

We have seen BAMS doctors and Allopathy doctors, working shoulder to shoulder in large number of hospitals across India.

Both Allopathy & Ayurveda has evidences of successful patient treatment & recovery, and therefore they don’t need to prove anything to the world or to the people criticizing.

When someone takes a new low, and tries to create a rift between people belonging to intellectual class, the only option we have is not to give this thing an underserving attention and publicity, which it plans to have.

As per a common allegation by some on social media, are hospitals really looting patients / people ? Lets do a reality check

Do you know how much it takes to build and run a hospital ?

We at Medigence, are planning, designing, and constructing 45+ hospitals across India, and therefore we would like to share few insights with the people who normally have no idea what it takes to build and run a hospital.

  • Because of their nature, hospitals have to be built nearer to the populated areas. Real estate prices of these areas are tremendously high, and guess what ? Hospital don’t get any subsidy or discount for buying land or constructed area. Normally prices of these spaces runs in lacs or crores
  • Compared to other buildings like educational institutes, or commercial spaces, hospital buildings demand a specialized structure and interior, and therefore hospital building construction cost is more than double, compared to other buildings.
  • A hospital building has to follow compliances like NBC, GDCR, NABH, AERB, FIRE, PHARMACY, MCI, etc. Following these compliances is quite challenging and adds to the cost.
  • Cost of biomedical equipment, Operation Theatre, ICU, Air handling units, special furniture, surgical instruments, oxygen lines, suction lines, medical gas lines, sewage treatment plants, affluent treatment plants, bio medical waste protocols, C.S.S.D etc, generator backups, HVAC, roughly doubles the cost incurred for building construction.

For those does not understand the technical terms and abbreviations, lets just say, most hospitals spend substantial amount of money behind patient safety and infection control.

  • Hospitals require specialized nurses, doctors, and frontline staff. You must have observed nurse taking care of patients even in the night, checking blood sugar levels, and giving medicines and injections. Yes, that’s because hospitals have to hire staff in 3 shifts, to take 24/7 care of patients.

Lets have a reality check on hospital incomes

Do you know, most hospitals either run on cashless Mediclaim tie-ups with insurance companies, and/or Govt run schemes like MAA yojna, or Ayushman Bharat ?. With the advent of cashless tie-ups and Govt schemes, cash paying patients are negligible. This means hospitals are operating on quite low margins, because most surgeries have fixed rates and capping, by insurance companies and Govt schemes.

Again people who think private hospitals and doctors are charging very high, and looting them, can always go to Govt hospitals. But they very well know why they did not opt for a Govt hospital.

Also in times of crisis only doctors were the ones who did not increase their charges, all the while when most vendors supplying oxygen, ventilators, medicines, etc had increased their charges.

We know hundreds of doctors, both Allopathy and Ayurveda doctors, who provided free of charge treatment, consultation, and medicines during Covid crisis.

Lets not forget, that people of entire nation stood up in their balconies, and paid their respect and tribute to doctors, hospitals, and frontline healthcare workers.