We Are Medigence Solutions Pvt Ltd

We have an objective of intensifying and escalating the entire healthcare services by re-energizing the whole approach, and that is how we continuously shape ourselves

To become a true global leader in providing multifaceted services to healthcare organizations across the globe

Transparency, Quality, Integrity, and Commitment

  • Experience & expertise over a decade with India’s largest & best Management Hospitals
  • Experience of handling projects including Large and Small healthcare organizations
  • Data bank on all aspects– rich, reliable & updated
  • Medical, Hospital & Health related in-house library
  • Completion of project within estimated cost & time frame

Who We Are

Medigence is manned by professional consultants and advisors specializing in Hospital & Healthcare Services. We help the healthcare institutions to create and sustain an efficient and trusted Healthcare delivery system by offering suitable advice and guidance across the full range of healthcare management functions and activities to enhance not only their business but to improve quality of services through 360 degree of visibility . We have latest and modern know-how and expertise for developing healthcare activities in the area of Planning, Organization, Corporate Management, Marketing and Systems, Academics and Quality Management and Accreditation process.

Our consultative approach is supported by a highly qualified team, which consists of specialists and experts in the field of Hospital & Healthcare Management to provide total healthcare solutions. Our qualified experts with skills and talents enrich our team approach and provide a high level of customer service and consulting. We strive to establish and streamline medical processes and continually enhance quality and impart knowledge through training, and create world class healthcare organization through our core values like passion, commitment and utmost dedication.

Our advisors include renowned quality experts who have more than 15 years of experience, who are members of ISQua ( Internatioal Society for Quality in Healthcare), some of whom are also NABh assessors, and surveyors.


We have a team of experienced consultants who would train your staff and NABH co-ordinator. We understand that bringing change is the biggest challenge while implementing NABH, and we have a successful history of motivating, educating and training staff of various healthcare organizations

Our Clients

We’ve been lucky to collaborate with a long list of customers, located in and out
of the country. Thanks to them we have grown as professionals.

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