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At Medigence, hospital planning, design, and project consulting, concepts are continuously evolving and innovating. Instead of simply copying best practices from other hospitals, we believe in treating each hospital project in a unique way. And consider its own unique set of character, requirements, strengths, weakness, and challenges. Because of that, our customized planning and design, ensures prevention of systemic flaws, and delivery of a great patient experience.

Innovation based on experience and research

45+ hospital planning, design, and turn key solution projects.

We manage hospital planning, design, and project consulting, projects across all western states of India. With a strong network of architects, and vendors, we deploy inclusive and effective project management system. This ensures timely, cost effective, and accurate project delivery.

Hospital Planning and design
Hospital Planning NABH compliances

How will you take care of thousands of compliances ?

We have experts to take care of various license, government compliance, accreditation, & different certification compliance

We have a team of experts, who have specialized & deep knowledge of these compliance. Our experts will ensure that your hospital design and planning, covers all of these compliance. These compliance are mandatory or recommended by various authorities like govt, quality accreditation bodies, license issuing authorities, inspection authorities, certificate issuing authorities, insurance regulators etc.

We deliver what your vendors cannot !

Project Management

Project management is usually absent in 90% of the hospital planning projects. This is number 1 reason for project failures, and budget/cost ballooning of minimum 30% of the estimated budget. This also leads to a delay in project execution by minimum 40%.

We deliver what your vendors cannot !

Budget, resource, duration forecasting & estimation

Our experts become a connecting link between all the vendors, and create a critical path during hospital planning. This ensures accurate forecasting of project budget, and project duration. Each vendor has an idea of only his timeline, and cannot give an accurate estimation. Because his work and tasks are highly dependent on other tasks and work, to be done by other vendors. By using latest technology and project management tools, our experts can effectively forecast the task dependencies, accurate budget and time estimation.

We deliver what your vendors cannot !

Project scope and liaison

Secret of any successful hospital planning and project completion is determining and finalizing detailed and comprehensive project scope. Our experts have in-depth understanding and experience to develop a project scope, carve out project details, tasks, and responsibilities. Because of which our experts can create an effective project plan, and smooth liaison between stake holders and vendors, and between all the vendors.

Hospital Planning & Designing process – Elements often ignored…

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Usually when some one thinks about hospital planning & designing, the first image that comes to the mind is this ... Hospital planning & designing ideally starts way before In the world of hospital planning & designing, the concept of form follows function is still relevant but is [...]

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