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At Medigence, hospital planning, design, and project consulting, concepts are continuously evolving and innovating. Instead of simply copying best practices from other hospitals, we believe in treating each hospital project in a unique way. And consider its own unique set of character, requirements, strengths, weakness, and challenges. Because of that, our customized planning and design, ensures prevention of systemic flaws, and delivery of a great patient experience.

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Can ICU fires be prevented ?

Can ICU fires be prevented ? ICU planning for fire safety : More you sweat behind planning, less you bleed during a disaster.

Hospital planning, based on experience, research and innovation

Hospital Planning and design

45+ hospital planning, design, and turn key solution projects.

We manage hospital planning, design, and project consulting, projects across all western states of India. With a strong network of architects, and vendors, we deploy inclusive and effective project management system. This ensures timely, cost effective, and accurate project delivery.

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