Are you planning a new hospital ?

Is your hospital under construction or rennovation ? Hire NABH consultancy to plan it according to NABH compliances !

Our NABH consultancy will take care of NABH compliance, Insurance compliance, Govt scheme compliance, Fire safety compliance, National Building Code, MEP and more.

45+ Projects

We are probably the only NABH consulting company in Gujarat, with 45+ projects of 360 NABH planning. We can help you with faster turn around of project, and substantial cost savings.

As a NABH consultancy, we will provide you with a detailed hospital infrastructure gap assessment as per Main NABH standards. And will co-ordinate with your architect team, to develop NABH compliant hospital infrastructure, and will also co-ordinate with other vendors like Fire, MEP, radiology, biomedical equipment, O.T, autoclav vendors, and more. Also we will ensure implementation of Main NABH standards at each step of your hospital project planning and execution phase.

For hospitals who want to follow main NABH infrastructure standards, and get an entry level certificate, Our NABH consultancy guides them to keep appropriate provisions for certain standards. For example, hospital does not have to implement a specific infrastructure compliance right away, but can certainly leave an allocated space or keep a provision for that compliance, during construction.

Our NABH consultancy will take care of NABH compliance.

Insurance compliance, Govt scheme compliance, Fire safety compliance, National Building Code, MEP and more.

A smart hospital is the one which takes care of NABH infrastructure compliances, according to main NABH standards, even though the hospital is going for entry level NABH. Our NABH consultancy makes you safe, as in the future if you have to go for Main NABH, you are all set with the infrastructure compliances.

Following NABH compliances does not mean extra expenses.

Hiring right NABH experts can get it done for negligible incremental cost.

We specialize in providing practical solutions and alternate approach to various compliance. Unlike amateurs, who have a copy paste mentality, we have in-depth understanding of compliance. Our NABH consultancy provides a customized cost effective solution.

NABH consultancy services are quite diverse in nature and it is very important to choose the right NABH consultant company.

Medigence has a large portfolio of NABH consultancy services. Please click on our services link in the main menu to get the list of NABH consulting services we provide. You can also contact us to get a customized solution for your current or new hospital project.

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