NABH Panchakarma Clinic Standards

NABH Panchakarma clinic has its own separate standards for NABH accreditation of panchakarma clinic. NABH standards for panchakarma clinic are different from NABH standards for Ayurveda hospitals. Usually there is no minimum bed requirement. The focus is more on daycare panchakarma treatment and procedures

Why Hire Medigence for NABH accreditation of your Panchakarma Clinic ?

We have assessor level skills, which helps us understand NABH Panchakarma Clinic standards and practical challenges of implementing those standards in a much better way. We provide staff training in local languages which results in effective implementation of NABH standards. We have an experience of more than 10 years, and are managing 170+ projects. We have enough resources which enables us to cope of with any kind of challenge. Experience of working with small clinics to large hospitals. Effective project management, knowledge transfer, knowledge management, proper management of intellectual property, and strict privacy policies