AHPI, Organized An Excellent Event On SMART HOSPITALS

Association of Healthcare Providers India, organized an excellent event on SMART HOSPITALS, at Crown Plaza yesterday (November 29, 2015). The event certainly left its mark on the healthcare landscape of Gujarat, through the power pack presentations by most renowned and highly respected Dr Girdhar Gyani, Dr Parag Rindani, and Mr T.S.Y Aravindaksham. The atmosphere was ecstatic and electrifying by the presence of who’s who of healthcare industry of Gujarat and beyond.

According to AHPI, such events are need of an hour, as Indian healthcare is passing through critical phase. On one hand it is poised towards health growth rate of 15%, yet it is faced with serious challenges by way of patient safety and affordability. Government is beginning to introduce healthcare reforms by way of regulations, community, and consumers are equally becoming demanding for quality services. Hospitals have to quickly adapt to the smart ways of managing the care to remain relevant and at the same time sustainable. Hospitals of future would be required to be LEAN, GREEN and use technology to improve the managerial and clinical outcomes, what has come to be termed as SMART HOSPITALS. Such hospitals accomplish these goals through smart infrastructure, smart processes and smart personnel.

Medigence was privileged by becoming part of this event. Special kudos goes to the AHPI gujarat team (Ms. Neha Lal, Ms. Meeta Patel, and Ashvin Kotadia) for organizing the event,

Few important and thought provoking ideas delivered by the speakers are as follows:

  1. Patients today are more concerned about their safety
  2. 3 years from now, cash payments will disappear. Patients will have some or other type of card, or other system of payments, except the cash mode of payment
  3. According to Times of India article few days back, there will be an acute shortage of nurses in India within next 3 years
  4. Medico Legal cases are going to increase exponentially
  5. Average 5.2 million medical errors are happening in India every year
  6. We will need more technologically drive hospitals
  7. Information Technology can create value for health care only if it is able to bring transformation
  8. Health care delivery will change in the near future. Age old delivery models will perish
  9. SMART hospital will have to innovate new models of care, increase accessibility, improve patient experience, and improve health outcomes
  10. Information Technology department can embrace cloud computing or end to end solutions, by itself to I.T management department.
  11. Failure Mode and Analysis is the key to a successful implementation of any process in a SMART HOSPITAL
  12. SMART HOSPITAL should and must do a clinical audit of every department, at least once in a year
  13. AHPI standard for clean and green hospital to become standard guidelines for green certification soon.


It is worthy to mention that AHPI (Association of Healthcare Providers India) are going to bring a series of changes and optimism to the healthcare industry in the near future.

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