Lately a fake and absolute derogatory article is being forwarded to doctors and amongst the individuals related to healthcare industry regarding NABH. Such attempts are made by some fake news paper from Jabalpur whose existence in itself is questionable.

We are forced to clarify few things about NABH as the entire Jabalpur news paper article is false and fake, and is written with malicious intent, to tarnish and destroy the reputation of NABH and of all those doctors who have worked very hard to adhere with international healthcare standards.

This is what will happen if doctors and other individuals start forwarding such fake news to others without properly applying their mind and logic.

  1. All the hard work done by doctors and millions of individuals working with hospitals will get destroyed
  2. We will essentially destroy the entire concept of Medical tourism because of absence of international standards and protocols, as NABH is derived from international healthcare quality certification
  3. Good hospitals and doctors will be punished because there will be no tangible difference between hospitals following good practices and hospitals which don’t
  4. Ultimately patients will suffer because many hospitals are operating still being understaffed and underqualified
  5. There will be no tracking of hospital infection rate, mortality rate and other data, as a result healthcare practises and systems cannot be improved anymore

Here is the factual counter to the fake news that is being forwarded :


  • The news paper is fake and has no existence when inquired by various authorities and the source of this news is still questionable as it is just a graphic created by someone
  • NABH is not compulsory for any hospital. Only those hospital which wants to continue cashless facilities have to undergo NABH certification (Entry level NABH) which does not have any infrastructure compliances.
  • Article mentions that NABH certificate can be produced by giving bribe – NABH has a very strict policy of not even accepting any type of gifts. Also the authority to give certificate to a hospital is not with any one individual. There are levels of scrutiny done by assessors which is supervised by NABH committee and then based on the evidence and stringent analysis, accreditation is granted. Under such circumstances it is impossible for anyone to take bribe and issue the certificate
  • Article mentions modular O.T and new machinery is required : This is absolutely wrong as nowhere NABH guidelines mention to compulsory have modular O.T. There are certain guidelines related to infection control and it is on the hospital to comply those standards through various alternatives. Certain high risk operations require strict infection control and therefore laminar airflow and HEPA filters are required. Also this requirement is for the Main NABH and not for Entry Level NABH, as NABH understands that this might be a bit difficult for small hospitals and healthcare organizations
  • Article uses foul language and uses the word “Brokers” for the individuals connected with NABH, and mentions that these people straight away take money and provide the NABH certificate: Everyone who has taken NABH so far, and who have applied for the NABH and are working to get the certificate knows that the above mentioned accusation is nothing but sheer garbage. The fake news does not mention any specific person, hospital, event or evidence which can prove that something like this has happened. This is a classic case of tarnishing NABH reputation using the power of social media, by inciting doctors and healthcare fraternity using below the belt language and fictitious accusations.



  • Article mentions that entire NABH exists to help nursing colleges make profits : Well we will not clarify this utter nonsense and will leave it to your common sense and logic



  • Article mentions that NABH demands only BSC nursing graduates and ANM and GNM are not allowed : Infact NABH clearly mentions that they only require registered nurses and NABH allows GNM nurses.ANM are allowed as nursing assistants.



  • Article mentions that NABH is only to extort money from private hospitals : The fact is NABH is not at all compulsory for private hospitals. Only those hospitals who want cashless facilities to continue, have to go for NABH certification and that too Entry level. Roughly 1 out of 20 hospitals are providing cashless facilities, and therefore more than 90% of hospitals do not have to get NABH certification. Also the compulsory NABH certificate for cashless facilities was made by IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority) of India, and not by NABH body.



  • Article mentions that no government hospitals in Madhya Pradesh has got NABH certificate : A single state cannot represent the whole country. The fact is most of the Southern States of India are pro-NABH, and just for the sake of better patient care and patient safety, have NABH ACCREDITED GOVERNMENT HOSPITALS, since many years. This is even before when NABH was not compulsory for cashless services. Gujarat is the first state in India to have NABH accreditation for its PUBLIC HEALTH CENTRE (PHC).
  • Article mentions that NABH is becoming just like ISO 9001, where in the certificate can be procured by just giving money : We would strongly suggest you to talk to people who have already achieved NABH accreditation, and soon you will find out that NABH believes in evidence based quality improvement and there are layers of scrutiny and assessments. NABH also provides a self assessment toolkit for hospitals without which NABH does not even consider the application. Entire NABH process is online including the application fees and annual fees.



  1. NABH is a central government body acting directly under Quality Council of India
  2. All NABH assessors are having great profile and extensive experience in healthcare industry. These assessors undergo stringent training, workshops, and examinations before becoming an assessor.
  3. Approximately only 35 out of 1000 applicants are selected for assessor course based on their past experience, current role, credentials, qualifications and interview.
  4. NABH certification/accreditation is not a one person’s decision. There is an assessor and on the top of it there is an NABH accreditation committee that reviews the assessment performance and also the non-compliances given by assessor and justification behind assessor accepting the closure report.
  5. NABH is not compulsory for all hospitals. Only hospitals having cashless facility has to get at least Entry level certificate.
  6. Entry level certification which is specifically for small hospitals and healthcare organizations does not have stringent infrastructure and does not require any costly changes in the hospital.
  7. No bribes are accepted by any NABH officials or assessors as they are strictly told not to accept even gifts by the hospitals. This is also mentioned in their opening presentations.
  8. No one can issue NABH certificate just by taking money as there has to be a proper online application, and the assessment is directly managed by the accreditation review committee and the assessor. Even the assessment dates are managed by NABH body directly.
  9. The above mentioned article used under pretentious name “News Trap” is baseless and lack common sense.
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