NABH accreditation-Why hospitals should get one?

NABH accreditation

There are lots of myths and confusion about whether small and big hospitals should go for NABH or not. Still there is an increasing number of hospitals and various other healthcare organizations, successfully accrediting themselves with NABH accreditation or NABH pre-accreditation. Here are the reasons why –

NABH pre-accreditation is still mandatory for cashless facilities

As per the recent IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority)notification,the deadline to get the NABH pre-accreditation has been pushed back to 29th July 2019. These means that hospitals who have not completed their NABH assessment have to finish it before July 2019.

Save your insurance tie-ups by completing the assessments as quickly as possible

As per the recent IRDA notification, IRDA has asked all insurance companies to start motivating even those hospitals which are providing only reimbursement (Not cashless) to get the NABH. This just means that hospitals who will apply for assessment dates after few months, are going to face an uphill task of getting their assessment dates and getting the assessment done in time.

Already there is more than 3 month lag between filing the application/asking for the assessment date and getting the assessment done. Therefore a sound advice – Do not delay your NABH project under any circumstances and for whatsoever reason.

NABH accreditation/pre-accreditation still important for Government Schemes

Few days back there was a big hoax about government declaring NABH not mandatory. Note: This is a big hoax and do not believe it. As mentioned above, the NABH pre-accreditation is still mandatory for hospitals providing cashless facilities.

There are two parts to NABH and government schemes :

  1. NABH is not a requisite for empanelment of government schemes
  2. Even NABH pre-accreditation (Also known as: Entry level NABH) will help hospitals earn extra 10% revenue through government schemes. Hospitals having NABH accreditation can get 15% more on all government packages

Quality improvement is still the biggest reason to get NABH

Do you know that a large number of hospitals were striving for NABH accreditation even before it became mandatory. Since many years large and small hospitals are getting NABH accreditation and are renewing it time to time. When India has NABH as the highest quality benchmark for Indian healthcare providers, why pursue something else ?

A hospital or a doctor who wants to follow even a standard protocol, compliance and norms, has to embrace NABH standards. Entire concept of NABH accreditation has been built upon the foundation of continuous quality improvement.

NABH accreditation/pre-accreditation covers many medico-legal aspects

Proper consent forms, registers, medical records, forms, formats, staff training, H.R files, minimum required staff qualifications, patient safety and infection control protocols, and many other protocols, documents, policies cover various medico-legal aspects and are extremely beneficial to both patients and hospitals

Medical Tourism  

Want to get patients beyond your geographical horizons ? Get NABH accreditation. Most NRI individuals are well acquainted with healthcare quality certificates and are always looking for NABH accredited hospitals. They assume that hospitals with NABH quality certificate must be following international level standards, processes and protocols. This is the reason why most NRI individuals google for NABH accredited hospitals, and avail their services. Medical tourism is a multi billion business in India, and no hospital can afford to ignore this business.

Corporate Tie-ups

Most major corporate companies ( national, local, multinational, semi-government, non-profit, government, and international ) are demanding NABH accreditation from hospitals for corporate tie-ups. This important shift in their policies is mainly due to increased awareness of these companies and its personnel towards quality healthcare services and their perceived confidence on hospitals having quality certification.

Patient safety and patient experience

A lot of research has been done behind effects of quality certification/accreditation and its effects on patient experience and ROI. There are some concrete and quantifiable results which shows a strong correlation between NABH accreditation and improved revenue through improved patient experience.

Because NABH has now become a standard norm

With mandatory NABH pre-accreditation for hospitals (providing cashless facility), the number of applications to NABH has sought exponentially. With hundreds of NABH accredited hospitals in every city and town, NABH is going to be a standard norm. In such a scenario any hospital which does not have NABH accreditation may be perceived as sub-standard by the potential patients.

Most of the staff is now accustomed to NABH processes and protocols

There is a high probability that the new staff you hire after few months will be trained as per NABH guidelines and will be practising NABH standards and processes. It will be difficult to hire or retain such staff if you are not following the same protocols or standards.

About the author:

Urvish Patel is the director at Medigence, company responsible for more than 100+ NABH projects across Gujarat and nearby states. With 10+ years of working experience across the globe, Urvish helps levitate organizations to the next level.

Note: Above content contains assumptions and personal opinions, and should not be taken as 100% factual, or an alternate to professional advice. These are author’s own views and might contain minor discrepancies.

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November 26, 2018