Infrastructural Gap Analysis Case Study – NABH Standards

Name of the project

Infrastructural Gap Analysis – NABH Standards

Name of the Hospital

Super-specialty Hospital, Ahmedabad

Owner of the hospital

A well-known Urologist


Hospital Profile in Brief:

It’s a 50 bed super-speciality hospital situated in Paldi, the heart of the city of Ahmedabad


Project Summary:

The hospital is a 5 storeyed building. Our team was invited to do a comprehensive infrastructural gap assessment while the building was under planning and construction stage. This was done in order to identify and rectify any gaps related to infrastructure with respect to NABH standards and guidelines.

The consultants organized a meeting with their architects and first studied the plans floorwise. A few observations were brought to the notice of the owners while studying the plan. Our team suggested to have a look at the construction site so that the observations can be validated and practical solutions may be provided to the architects for them to incorporate while construction.

During physical site verification, the following recommendations were provided to the architect for their expedition.

As per good practise there should not be changing room with Autoclave room. There is no zoning defined.
Major OT (hospital have super-specialty service like Urology) to be planned as per NABH standards.
AHU should be dedicated for each OT
Isolation room should have +ve & – ve pressure monitoring.
In Nursing station there should be Clean & Dirty Utility area, Separate Wash basin for hand hygiene practice to be available.
Atleast one patient friendly toilet shall be made available in some rooms

The hospital was also advised to have the following infrastructure.

There should be a planning for Emergency department / beds in order to treat the emergency/trauma patients.
There should be a provision for Recovery bed(s).
MRD facility and Biomedical Waste storage area should be designated.
It was also recommended that the hospital can have a provision for imaging services especially X-Ray as it is a super-specialty hospital.


Executive summary

Our expert team of consultants provided them with practical and attainable solutions without having to make major changes in the existing plan. It is always important to consult experts at the planning stage of the hospital so to ensure proper infrastructure with appropriate guidelines are being followed.

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