NABH case study of Mayflower Hospital

Name of the project

Entry Level NABH Certification – Small Healthcare Organization (SHCO)

Name of the Hospital

Mayflower Women’s Hospital, Ahmedabad

Owner of the hospital

Dr. Yogendra Jhala, Director


Hospital Profile in Brief:

An excellent healthcare system, a vast pool of competent medical expertise, and the
availability of the state of the art diagnostic and treatment facilities are all the factors which
have made Mayflower the pre-eminent centre for women’s healthcare in western part of
India. Mayflower offers a whole range of maternity and gynecological treatment. All the women share a common confidence in system that emphasizes safety and pushes the boundaries of excellence. This combination of excellence clinical expertise and infrastructure has earned Mayflower the status of a recognized centre for advance gynec endoscopic surgeries by FOGSI (Federation of Obstetricians Gynecological Society of India), Karl Storz(Germany). Mayflower attracts many gynecologists from India and other parts of world to come for seminars. The regular exchange of knowledge ensures that Mayflower’s medical professionals stay at the forefront of healthcare developments.


Before Project Scenario, situation before the project

Mayflower Women’s Hospital has been continuously working towards continuous Quality Improvement since its inception. The project was awarded to us in May 2017 to uplift the level of quality of care and benchmark the best. During the gap analysis, the hospital encountered the following challenges.

Staff Sensitization about the NABH Standards
Importance of efficient and proper documentation of Medical Records
Standardization of manuals, policies and procedures


Medigence Solution to the situation

Our team of expert and experienced consultants at Medigence are well endowed with technical expertise to comprehensively guide and handhold the organization.

Capacity Building exercises were conducted in order to educate train and develop the hospital and sensitize the organizations towards the newly developed system,policies and procedures. This was done through trainings and demonstrations so as to sustain the quality based services and functioning.


Tasks in brief done by Medigence along with project duration:

The Gap assessment was conducted for identification of the organisation structure, processes and outcomes and its analysis. The same served as a foundation on which the systems development and resource allocation plans were based. Policies, procedures and manuals were developed under the documentation phase and the systems were then implemented.

The top management made it all worthwhile by participating in various trainings, committee meetings, mock drills and internal audits as per the NABH Guidelines.

The hospital has now applied for the NABH Certification and is ready for the assessment.


Result and advantage to the Hospital after the project:

Controls are established at all levels in order to monitor the processes and outcomes so as to sustain the development of the hospital, hence facilitating its future growth and development.

Patient have already started to benefit as the systems are in place and quality improvement is evident. Community has raised its confidence in the hospital which is evident by increase in footfalls.

The staff has highly benefited from all the trainings conducted at all levels and have raised confidence in their personal attributes. They are now ready to face the assessment!

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