NABH case study, Spandan Hospital Baroda

Testimonial from Dr Rajesh Chauhan

Name of the project

NABH Accreditation – Healthcare Organization (HCO)

Name of the Hospital

Spandan Multi-specialty Hospital, Vadodara

Owner of the hospital

Dr. Rajesh Chauhan, Director


Hospital Profile in Brief:

Spandan Multi-specialty Hospital is one of the established 75 bedded hospitals, located in the heart of the city of Vadodara. They provide round the clock services with particular specialization in ICU Care, IPD , Health checks, Trauma, Emergency & Ambulance services, Pharmacy and investigative services.


Before Project Scenario, situation before the project

With a view of providing quality Healthcare services to the community, and the top management being committed towards the goal, Spandan Hospital decided to go ahead and get the NABH Accreditation. They approached Medigence Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in July 2016. We studied the hospital, and took about a week to complete the Gap Assessment which is usually our 1st step towards accreditation.

The Gap assessment revealed certain challenges in front of us mainly related to a few infrastructural changes, manpower planning, staff awareness about the NABH standards & guidelines and establishing a robust disaster management plan to improve the safety of the Patients as well as visitors & employees.


Medigence Solution to the situation

Medigence offered Spandan Hospitals a comprehensive guidance and advisory support during the entire project duration. We suggested them a few very effective tips related to manpower planning that helped them to manage the situation with existing staff without making unnecessary recruitments. Our highly experienced and expert team of consultants provided adequate guidance and support to their key staff to execute the accreditation activities by their own. This helped them to get empowered and take necessary decisions as well. Thanks to the top management support all the time in giving us enough flexibility to make appropriate changes as and when required.

We could also guide them in making certain infrastructure changes which could not overburden them financially and in-turn saved cost.


Tasks in brief done by Medigence along with project duration:

The entire project was completed within a stipulated time period of 11 months. The entire NABH accreditation process was divided in phase-wise activities that had small milestones that led to the common organization wide goal of attaining the accreditation.

The various phases included gap assessment, documentation system, formulating the Quality Management Systems, functioning of committees and implementing the standards as per the NABH guidelines.

We also assisted them in conducting various Internal Audits, filling up the application form and applying and while providing them with complete back-end assessment support during the Pre-assessment and Final Assessment.

The hospital managed to get very few partial non-compliances towards the standards.


Result and advantage to the Hospital after the project:

Patients are the biggest beneficiaries as it results in high quality of patient care and safety. The patients are treated by credentialed and privileged medical staff. Their rights are protected and respected. Patient satisfaction index has improved to quite an extend.

For Spandan hospital, accreditation has stimulated a continuous quality improvement path. It has raised community confidence in the services offered by them. It has also provided opportunities to the hospital to benchmark with the best.

The staff working at Spandan Hospital are highly satisfied as it has provided them with empowerment and above all ownership of all the processes. It has certainly improved overall performance of the clinicians, nurses as well as paramedical staff.

The insurance companies and third party administrators are provided with access to reliable and certified information on facilities, infrastructure and level of patient care.

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